Hemp Crop Theft Incidents Rise in Harvest Season in America

The number of incidents of thieves targeting hemp grown by farmers is rising across the US. The harvest season for hemp is going on, and thus, crops are fully grown.


Erol User, Blockchainarmy’s Founder Delivers a Speech at Cryptofin Estonia Conference

Blockchain consulting company BlockchainArmy founder, Erol User, recently attended Cryptofin Estonia Conference. Surrounded by 30+ Speakers, 700+ members, and 50+ exhibitors, the conference was held for 2 days, on October


eToro Along With The TIE Launches Crypto Portfolio Based on Twitter Vibes

A new portfolio based on tweet vibes went live on eToro. With an AI system searching thoroughly through 850000000 tweets a day, the eToro product carefully accesses and marks an


Cryptocurrency Plays Major Role in Growth of Esports Betting

The new age phenomenon of Esports, which involves competitors vying with each other to win in video games has been gaining in popularity over the years. Most of the players


Chinese Trade with the US Drops Again in September

There might be a lot of optimism about the end of the trade war between the United States and China, but the trade data from September makes for grim reading.


China Pledges to Abolish Financial Sector Ownership Limits in 2020

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced on Friday that the country would abolish ownership limits for foreign investors in its financial sector of 2020. The CSRC further indicated that