An In-Depth AnalystQ Review


The makers of AnalystQ have a solemn vision to provide a trading platform for traders across the world to build trading portfolios and conduct the most lucrative trading in the cryptocurrency, commodity, and currency markets. With a colossal client base that spans across 170 nations, AnalystQ is incredibly popular, as the platform offers every trader with excellent trading opportunities, superb resources, and novel options for trading in commodities and cryptocurrencies. Register with AnalystQ to be a part of the huge international trading and financial network and thrive successfully with AnalystQ at your side. Read on to find out more about its features and aspects in the AnalystQ review. Study the detailed AnalystQ review to explore the platform’s features and then register with it to conduct trading and investment at AnalystQ.

AnalystQ Review - Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
AnalystQ Review – Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

The trading accounts of AnalystQ

AnalystQ is a trading and investment platform for financiers across the world. At the platform, the traders can register to open three different types of accounts. These three types include Primary Account, Professional Account, and AutomatiQ Account. AnalystQ boasts over 16,000 trading assets, six unique trading classes, and an impressive range of advanced tools and trading systems.

1. Primary Account

If you are a beginner at trading, then open a primary trading account at AnalystQ. The primary trading account consists of three tiers that are Standard Account, Education Account, and Specialty Account. The standard account consists of several tradable assets. With the standard account, the trader can also get access to smart tips and effective trading strategies as well. The minimum amount required to open a standard primary account is 500 USDT.

The education account offers multiple tradable assets too. Apart from guiding the trader with regular tips and updates, the education account also provides access to the online MetaTrader 5 platform. The education section of the primary account also comes with a huge library of trading webinars and academic content. The minimum amount required to open an education’s primary account is 5000 USDT.

AnalystQ Review - Primary Account
AnalystQ Review – Primary Account

The specialty section of the primary account is the top tier that comes with a 24×7 support service for the trader’s complete guidance. With multiple tradable assets, regular supply of tips, seamless access to MetaTrader 5 platform, and membership of the webinars’ premium library, the specialty account is topnotch indeed. The minimum amount required to open a primary specialty account is 25000 USDT.

2. Professional Account

With intuitive trading tools, customized training, and a host of trading opportunities, the professional account is perfect for the traders of intermediate expertise. The Professional Account consists of two tiers that include the MarginQ account and the Platinum account. Apart from providing smooth access to the platform of MetaTrader5 and the huge library of academic content and webinars, the MarginQ account notifies the trader of lucrative trading opportunities through trading signals, delivers leverage of up to 300:1, offers unlimited telephone support, holds personalized sessions, and provides 24×7 access to the exclusive trading room. The minimum amount required to open a MarginQ professional account is 75000 USDT.

The Platinum section boasts of the best rates and the most profitable perks. This account offers all the perks of the MarginQ account and adds a few special perks as well. The extra benefits of the Platinum account include special invitations to the VIP events of AnalystQ and more advantageous spreads that are lower than around 5%. The minimum amount required to open a MarginQ professional account is 150000 USDT.

3. AutomatiQ Account

Conduct trading with maximum efficiency with the most proficient automated trading strategies in the cryptocurrency and commodity markets. Link your brokerage account with the AutomatiQ account to execute automated trading. All you have to do is load your brokerage account with funds, select the trading strategy, and then let the trading bots take over while you sit, relax, and wait for the returns to get credited to your account.

Instruments that can be traded on AnalystQ

AnalystQ makes new ground for trading by enabling the traders and investors to enter the markets of cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, and commodities. The software of AnalystQ is powered by complex algorithms to conduct successful trading and investment with remarkable accuracy.

AnalystQ Review - Instruments on AnalystQ
AnalystQ Review – Instruments on AnalystQ

1. Cryptocurrencies

Rake in the big bucks through cryptocurrency trading at the crypto market. AnalystQ allows the traders who do not own any cryptocurrency assets to conduct trading cryptocurrencies all the same. The crypto trading strategy of AnalystQ is especially convenient for beginners as the platform maintains accuracy in its predictions of the price fluctuations and volatility of the cryptocurrencies. With the advanced trading tools of AnalystQ, the trader can conduct the most profitable trading by staying well ahead of the market shift.

2. Currency Options

Venture into the foreign exchange market with the help of the forex trading tools of AnalystQ. Attend the forex webinars and browse through the wide array of educational content before starting with Currency Options or forex trading. AnalystQ offers a range of tailored services to forex traders. These services are enlisted below:

  • Highly effective pricing for different currencies and from several pips

  • A wide variety of maturity ranges that cater to the preferences of all

  • 24×7 live chat support service

  • 24×7 trading opportunities

  • Quick access on the go from any device of any operating system

  • Precise and real-time assessment of currency options and the forex market for efficient trading

3. Energy Commodities

Put your trading skills to the best use by conducting trading and investment in renewable and non-renewable energy resources. The renewables include solar, geothermal, wind, and biomass energies. The non-renewable resources of energy are coal, gas, and oil. The trading platform of AnalystQ provides the trader with a plethora of trading options along with topnotch customer support service. Besides, the platform offers a host of tools for risk management along with academic content for easy and efficient trading in energy commodities.

4. Precious Metals

There will always be an eternal bullish shift in the market of precious metals. Trading in precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, and palladium will always be profitable as the value of precious metals keep rising despite a hundred economic odds.

5. Soft Commodities

The everlasting demand for soft commodities like coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton, and soyabeans makes trading in the soft commodity market highly profitable and worthy of investment. AnalystQ platform offers risk-free trading opportunities in the soft commodity market.


For AnalystQ, trading is more than just a profession. The hosts of the platform strive hard to train the traders and instill expertise in them all through specialized courses. The registered traders and investors can sign up for the curated courses and attend the insightful webinars to gain more knowledge about trading.

AnalystQ Reviews - Education
AnalystQ Reviews – Education

1. Educational courses

Trading in cryptocurrencies, forex currencies, and commodities is way more than wielding random strategies. The trader must possess thorough knowledge and expertise about trading and investment before venturing into the market with his capital assets. The educational courses at AnalystQ cover the following topics that are beneficial for beginners and for the advanced traders.

  • Trading in commodities and cryptocurrencies

  • Indices

  • Market trends

  • Stocks

  • Trading skills and strategies and more.

Apart from sticking to the course curriculum, a registered trader can also check out the informative articles on trading and investment that the platform shares with everyone.

2. Online trading courses

If you are a newbie to online trading, now is the time to learn and turn it into a career opportunity. Carve yourself a niche in the industry by taking up the flexible and tailor-made online trading courses at AnalystQ. Proceed with the learning process at a comfortable pace and note the important aspects of online trading before making it your profession. AnalystQ offers the following online trading courses to the registered traders:

  • Strategies of trading in the markets of cryptocurrencies, stocks, currency options, indices, and currency options

  • Virtual learning sessions that are available at one-click access

  • Excellent and resourceful webinar sessions hosted by the leading financial analysts and high-volume trading specialist of the industry.

3. Personal trading courses

If you seek to become a trading expert, then the best alternative for you would be personalized training under a personal trading coach. Study under the veterans of the trading and investment coaches and build a strong portfolio too. Get an in-depth insight into the strategies of trading and achieve training milestones before venturing into the real market.

Platforms that are compatible with AnalystQ

Conduct trading and investment on the go by accessing the platform of AnalystQ through any device. The platform is compatible with different operating systems that include Android, iPhone, and Windows. The best part is that the platform does not require the user to download an app for accessing the trading and investment services, even though an app version is available for every operating system. However, if the user does not want to install an app to reserve the device memory space, then he can simply access AnalystQ through the web browser of any device.

1. Android Trading app platform

The AnalystQ review reveals that the interface of the platform is compatible with different operating systems. Download and install an android trader in your Android phone or tab to conduct trading and investment in crypto assets and commodities on the go. The app has a sleek and smooth interface that enables easy trading activities. androidTrader enables real-time analysis of market data, helps to keep track of the trading, and notifies the trader of the latest market trends too. The Android app also provides 24×7 customer support service to the registered traders.

AnalystQ Reviews - Android Trading app platform
AnalystQ Reviews – Android Trading app platform

2. iPhone trading app platform

Download and install the iOSTrader app in your Apple device and make the best of its intuitive interface for trading and investment. The responsive design and layout of the app make it very convenient to trade at any hour of the day. Conduct trading in cryptocurrencies and commodities all day from your iPhone and stay ahead of the market for lucrative returns.

3. MetaTrader5 platform

The platform of MetaTrader5 of=0ers every trader with a host of trading opportunities and state-of-the-art trading tools and technologies to conduct trading and investment in cryptocurrency exchanges, futures markets, and financial markets. Apart from the trading tools, MetaTrader5 also offers the following services, some of which are paid, and most of which are free of cost, as given below:

  • The platform is equipped with AI-driven trading bots that are driven by complex algorithms, to conduct trading and investment, with the utmost precision. The AnalystQ review reveals that the AI bots are highly precise and can even stay ahead of the market conditions to conduct trading with complete accuracy.

  • MetaTrader5 comes with indicators that perform real-time analysis.

  • The platform enables copy trading that means that a trader can mirror the trading positions of a trusted trader to conduct successful trading in the markets.

  • The registered traders get complete access to freelance trading strategists and developers through MetaTrader5.

  • Forex traders are offered with virtual hosting services for Currency Options VPS.

4. Tablet trading app platform

If you have got a tab, the TabletTrader would be great for you. tabletTrader provides quick access to the markets and enables trading and investment in real-time at live prices. Conduct trading most easily with only a few clicks at tabletTrader. The notifications of live prices and provision for real-time market trend assessment helps in making the right trading and investment decisions at the right time. TabletTrader also comes with an excellent customer support service team for 24×7.

5. Web trader platform

The flexible and user-friendly interface of Web Trader makes it easy for beginners to take part in active trading and investment in the different markets. Web Trader is accessible through any device of any operating system. Register with Web Trader to get access to the following simple yet powerfully effective trading and investment services:

  • View and keep track of the most trending assets of the market

  • Get easy access to the database of trading history

  • Assess the trends of several fiscal instruments

  • Implement the most novel tools of risk management

  • Use the multi-chart window to compare and contrast the financial assets

  • Deploy 2FA mechanism for robust security of trading


The most important aspect of trading and investment is capital stocks. If the trader has no funds in his bank account, then his trading and investment goal would be a distant dream. AnalystQ takes care of the traders who do not possess enough assets to start trading and investment in the markets. The platform offers lucrative loans at affordable rates of interest to fund the traders’ trading accounts and get them all set to venture into the market for trading and investment.

AnalystQ Reviews - Funding
AnalystQ Reviews – Funding

1. Crypto Funding Basics

Make a rich income every month with the help of leveraged crypto funding. Financial experts boldly claim that it would be groundbreaking and remarkably rewarding to implement the monetary leverage of AnalystQ with one’s own trading capital. The leveraged cryptocurrency options have another advantage: the offer of stability against the constant volatility of the crypto market. Crypto funding at AnalystQ also comes with opportunities for improving the trader’s positions on purchase and cryptocurrencies at a reduced price once it has been sold out at the current price.

2. Margin and Leveraged Loans

Trading in the markets of crypto assets and commodities will only be a flimsy dream if there is no capital asset at the trader’s disposal. That is why AnalystQ offers margin loans and leveraged loans to the registered traders to help them kick-start their profession of trading and investment in forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

Margin loans

Become a professional trader by securing the risk-free and lucrative margin loan from AnalystQ. The margin loan amount is secured against the trader’s securities, so there is very minimal risk of losses. Increase the purchasing power with the help of the margin loan for the liquidity of funds over a fixed term. A margin loan has no annual fee, closing cost, non-use fee, and set-up cost at AnalystQ.

Leverage Loans

Traders often have to face risky debts, low capital, and other such troubles that imede their trading and investment activities. The leveraged loan offered by AnalystQ is an excellent option for managing debts, purchasing stock, and stabilizing the trading balance sheet. The leveraged loan is especially beneficial for the traders who do not have the requisite credit score or are not eligible for regular bank loans.

The leverage loans are of higher interest rates than margin loans, and so, are riskier as well. Moreover, the leveraged loan also has a price flex, which means that the terms and conditions are subject to variation during the loan period.

Services that AnalystQ offers

AnalystQ provides a wide array of services, the most notable of which is the provision of personal managers and dedicated sales traders for the platform’s registered traders and investors. AnalystQ makes trading easier and more successful by assisting the registered users in the form of dedicated sales traders, in-house analysts, personal relationship managers, and personal trading courses.

AnalystQ Reviews - Exclusive Services
AnalystQ Reviews – Exclusive Services

1. Dedicated sales traders

AnalystQ understands the stress of active trading and precise investment, and so the platform hosts a team of dedicated sales traders to help with the nitty-gritty technicalities of trading. The sales trader will guide you with crypto funding, market volatility risks, sales, and other aspects of trading and investment. The platform also provides a wide range of sales trader options to make trading more profitable and successful.

2. In-house analyst

The arsenal of in-house analysts at AnalystQ is of great help for the traders and investors. The in-house analysts offer a sharp insight into the market trends and risks and provide streamlined assistance in avoiding the trading traps in the market to enable the trader to extract maximum profits from trading.

3. Personal relationship managers

Navigate through the complexities of trading and investment with ease with the expert assistance of personal relationship managers. Consult with the well-trained and extensively experienced personal relationship managers to bring the markets’ volatility under control and rake in more profits. The manager is available 24×7 via live chat, email, phone, and even through personal meetings. Develop a unique trading style with the help of the personal relationship manager and revel in the huge gains too.

4. Personal trading courses

Opt in for the personal trading courses to learn the rudimentary and advanced strategies of trading and investment. Become a student of the veteran traders and let the mentor teach you the most specialized styles and trading strategies. Hone your trading skills and then conduct trading and investment like a pro in the market.


At AnalystQ, the registered traders are provided with excellent customer support 24×7 through email, Whatsapp, Telegram, phone, and live chat.

AnalystQ Reviews - Customer Support
AnalystQ Reviews – Customer Support

1. Email support

The customer support service system of AnalystQ is impressive indeed. One can reach out to the customer service agents over the phone, email, live chat, WhatsApp, and Telegram apps. For general queries, traders can get in touch with the customer service representatives by sending an email to the official email addresses of AnalystQ, as enlisted below:

General customer service :-

Analyst Desk :-

Trading desk :-

Compliance :-

2. WhatsApp support

AnalystQ not only has a modern interface, but its customer support system is pretty contemporary as well. Indeed, one can get in touch with the customer service representatives 24×7 through instant text messages over WhatsApp. WhatsApp to the customer service hosts is quick, easy, and highly secure.

3. Telegram support

The cloud-based app, Telegram, is one of the most secure and private customer support services. Contact AnalystQ via Telegram to get access to a plethora of trading services. From uploading documents to conducting trading and investment through the app, AnalystQ is one of the first platforms to offer Telegram trading and support.

4. Phone support

The review finds it impressive that the platform provides phone support to the citizens of almost every country. For those who prefer to speak personally to the customer service agents over the phone, the phone support system is ideal for them. To top it all, the customer service agents are very quick, friendly, prompt, and efficient. The AnalystQ reviews at different websites reveal the highly responsive nature of the customer service as well.


It is evident from the extensive review of AnalystQ that the platform excels at trading and investment services. It offers a wide range of trading possibilities and takes care to serve investors across the world with unique and profitable trading opportunities. Apart from opening up broad avenues for trading in the markets of foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, and commodities, the platform of AnalystQ also provides loans at reasonable interest rates.

Traders who are seeking to establish a profession in trading and investment but lack the capital to do so can borrow a margin or leverage loan from AnalystQ to carve themselves a niche in the industry of trading and investment. AnalystQ also welcomes every trader and investor to a colossal directory of academic content. Attend the trade-related webinars at the platform and take part in the training courses to gain more expertise in trading. Last but not least, a trader can also opt for a dedicated manager’s assistance to trade in style and rake in the big bucks.

If you are still in doubt about the platform, then check out the positive AnalystQ reviews on trusted websites and authentic review forums. Read the AnalystQ reviews before signing up for the online website for trading and investment. The AnalystQ reviews speak eloquently of its services and offer and encourage everyone to register with AnalystQ.

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