Ways to Earn Money From Cryptocurrencies

Ways to Earn Money From Cryptocurrencies

We all desire to make more money and are on a trail to seek ways to make easy money. In this digital era, digital currencies or cryptocurrencies have opened new doors of sizzling opportunities for many of us. However, most of us are either unaware of these opportunities or have very little knowledge of them.

So, the people investing with great hopes, putting in a lot of bucks, become vulnerable to frauds and scams. If one enters with adequate knowledge and adequate precautions, then surely, innumerous avenues are waiting ahead that can fulfill your dreams for handsome earnings.

Let’s see some of the business models that can lead to good fortune in this terrain.

1) Earning Through HODLing The Bitcoins

Bitcoin has proved itself as the safest coin since the last decade. It is a promising option to earn money, which surpasses traditional options like gold, diamonds, stocks and bonds or any startups.

As per Bloomberg, around 70% of total transaction volumes on Bitcoin trading exchanges consist of bots. Out of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin dominates almost 70% of transactions on crypto exchanges. As per its design, Only 21 million Bitcoin will ever be produced, so its value will surely increase in the near future.

One can purchase Bitcoin from any Bitcoin exchange using credit cards. Many of the exchanges offer lucrative incentives on the completion of a particular number of transactions on their exchange.

Or simply, one can go for HODLing, which is termed as purchasing of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and keeping it strategically to trade further. One has to purchase Bitcoin, keep it in a hardware wallet for a particular time, and sometimes it can turn into millions of worth.

2) Trading Cryptocurrencies

Trading cryptos need skills of deep understanding of markets. However, there are advisory firms and exchanges which provide technical and analytical information about when and how to trade. Trading is one of the popular options to earn cryptos and make money. There are various online trading platforms are available such as: crypto.com, coinbase, GEMINI, Stormgain and many more.

3) Crypto Mining

With proper research and educating oneself, one can dabble into crypto mining. It can be started from your home-based computer. For more focused and advanced mining, one has to have enough space and more money to invest in high tech equipment, but it can be started right with a normal home-system with some specialized hardware upgradation.

In crypto mining, transactions are verified and added to the blockchain ledger, which further unlocks Bitcoin or other currencies. It needs skills but income opportunities are fairly good.

4) Earn While Learn

One simple way for beginners is to earn while learning about cryptocurrencies. Many websites including Coinbase, has various cryptocurrencies videos and educational courses uploaded on its site. One can watch them, answer the quiz and can earn EOS, Stellar, and many more crypto coins, which will be stored automatically in the hardware wallet.

5) Lending the Crypto Coins On Interest Rate

This option is also one of the popular options of investment among crypto enthusiasts. One can simply lend crypto assets through some mediator firms like SALT Lending or Nexo at a prescribed interest rate.

It may offer up to 20% interest but maybe risky without proper knowledge, precautions and reliable channels.

6) Learn And Earn Through Predictions

Without any investment, this can be started; one can download SwissBorg like communities where one can log in daily and predict the Bitcoin price to earn points. The more you are active, the more you will earn, plus extra points for the right predictions and adding your friends. A sure and steady way to add to your income.

7) Earning Via Gambling, Betting, Lotteries, And Faucets

Playing online games, gambling, sports betting, or Free online slots are the most lucrative options to make money.

One can visit particular websites or apps to earn cryptos while entertaining oneself.

Faucets relatively incur fewer bucks than the above options. It includes watching advertisements and play games, which in return offer crypto coins.

8) Remote And Full-Time Crypto Jobs

One can hope a decent and steady earning by opting for various full time and home-based jobs as well. For full-time jobs, one can go in as a blockchain developer, designer, engineer, and marketer etc. Remote jobs include content writer, translator, blogger etc. Running online educational courses can also be a good option for making money. The more subscribers you have more will be the earning.

9) Promoting Crypto Sites or Affiliate programs via Social Media

This is one of the easy options to earn money. If you have a good follower base on various social media platforms, you can promote any business or company. Ad campaigns can be run on various websites and links can be shared on various platforms for which one can get a fair amount of commission.

Concluding Words

Opportunities are limitless in this domain and risk is high as well. You just need to step in with proper research and reckless heart to take up challenges. Good fortune is all yours.

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