VinaCapital Ventures Invests in Vietnamese Logistics Start-Up An Vui

VinaCapital Ventures

As the world of business grows more and more complex, the importance of effective logistics solutions is going to rise exponentially. However, the development of technology all over the world has made it possible for tech companies to come with intelligent solutions to the whole issue. One such company is the Vietnamese start-up An Vui which is involved in providing logistical solutions to the shipping industry. The company has come with an app that allows shipping companies to manage their work from start to finish and over the years, the solutions offered by An Vui has become quite popular with many companies. Naturally, the company has managed to attract attention from venture capitalists as well and in a new development, VinaCapital Ventures has invested in the startup.

The company made the announcement with regards to the investment and went on to state that the capital is going to be used by An Vui to enter into valuable partnerships. The company was established in 2015 and over the past four years, it has managed to become one of the best-known startups in Vietnam. Its software provides comprehensive logistical solutions to its clients and offers services like fuel management, ticket management, and parcel shipping management, among others. VinaCapital stated that the high costs, as well as the inefficiency in this particular sector in Vietnam, are some of the biggest reasons behind this investment. It believes that An Vui is also going to generate hefty returns for its investors if it manages to grow impressively.

One of the partners at VinaCapital Ventures stated, “Helping companies working to transform Vietnam’s logistics sector has been one of our key investment themes since we launched in 2018. Many of these businesses are fairly small and family-owned, and such solutions can help them compete and optimize existing resources.” On the other hand, An Vui has also entered the transport sector in Vietnam in a big way by partnering with bus companies. The company claims its services have allowed those companies to reduce costs within the range of 10% and 20%. As of the current date, the company has partnered with as many as 100 bus companies and following this investment; it would want to expand its footprint further. Growth is the ultimate currency for any startup.

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