Utopia Announces Launch of P2P Ecosystem to Boost Secure and Encrypted Communication

Utopia Announces Launch of P2P Ecosystem

Utopia is a P2P cryptocurrency ecosystem that allows users to breach online censorship and firewalls and carry out transactions anonymously without revealing their location. Users can rest assured that their communication will not be intercepted by snooping agencies. There is no central server and the user’s account data is stored on his mobile phone. In the age when countries are resorting to censorship to control the flow of information and snooping on their citizen’s private communications, Utopia ensures that people are no longer kept in the dark and can access information from across the world anonymously and securely.

Utopia is a P2P ecosystem that hosts a large number of applications. Some of them are as follows:

  • uMessenger

It’s an encrypted voice and messaging service with features like file storage, group chat, etc. All communication is secured by default with a combination of 256-bit AES and Curve 25519 high-speed encryption. Another feature, uMaps, has been integrated by which users can geotag a channel.

  • uMail

It’s a spam-free e-mail service. There is no centralized storage; hence the user’s account cannot be blocked or seized. It allows for unlimited messaging and attachments.

  • uWallet

Crypton is the mineable internal currency of the Utopia ecosystem. Utopia uses a Proof-of-Memory consensus mechanism that does not require the user to buy expensive hardware and does not consume additional power. Users can carry out transactions using Crypton anonymously. Users will earn Cryptons every fifteen minutes they stay on the Utopia platform.

  • uNS

The uNS (Utopia Name System) is a decentralized registry of names that users can secure for their websites, channels, portals, etc. After securing the uNS name, users can use the Packet Forwarding function to ensure that their channel or website is visible to other users of the ecosystem.

Utopia’s private browser Idyll gives access to users to websites hosted on the Utopia P2P ecosystem. It provides API so that developers can easily integrate it with their systems.

Other features available on Utopia include emoticons, voice encryption, and multiplayer games.

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