Plan Shared by Google for Experiencing More Private and Secure Web Surfing

Google for Experiencing More Private and Secure Web Surfing

To make web surfing more private and secure, the famous Google shared a plan. It includes cryptographic tokens that can help users to trust them and show them relevant advertisements using minimum information. It can be done with the help of artificial intelligence. Also, personally-identifiable data can be stored on someone’s device rather than their browser.

Google wants to debate these changes with other organizations to set some rules for the internet. Google wants to set new rules not only for its browser, i.e., Google Chrome but also for the entire web. These changes will improve the security of web surfing. On the other hand, Google is against the privacy initiatives of browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. These browsers are blocking small bits of code, also known as Cookies. These bits get into people’s browsers and follow them. It tracks what they are searching around the web and helps the advertisers in placing valuable and targeted advertisements. They can simply place ads related to the information an internet user is looking for.

Google gets to benefit from the publishers as it keeps the web attractive, and it also helps publishers to make money as well by posting ads. That’s why Google, the most profitable platform for online advertisements, does not want to block the cookies. This can also attract more and more publishers to research on people searches and find more solutions by posting ads on the web. But, at the same time, it also secures the privacy of the internet user.

By changing the standards of the internet, the new rules will take a lot of time like years to allow different browsers to access different websites. Google chrome is indeed used by around 70% of internet users across the world. Updating the Chrome browser by Google can lead the way and hence, forcing other browsers and rest of the web to adapt the rules. The proposed plan by Google can help in experiencing more private and secure web surfing.

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