Facebook uses its apps to track users it thinks could threaten employees and offices


Facebook is a popular social media platform which is available for any human being. One must provide authentic and genuine details to open a Facebook account. Our prime details become our identity. Facebook, being a trustworthy name in online social media we are using Facebook on a regular basis. We became only a part of Facebook data or information system. In recent days, it is observed that Facebook, the company as such are using many apps to track users, which found to be harmful or that may create a dangerous situation for their employees and offices. Facebook people are preparing and maintaining a list of individuals that its security guards must “be on the lookout” for that comprises users who’ve made threatening statements against the company on its social network as well as many former employees. This list is popularly keened as “BOLO list” and normally updated on a weekly basis. Many former employees of Facebook shared the company’s tactics to CNBC. An updated BOLO list contains hundreds of people, according to four former Facebook security employees. A code of confidentiality, safety, privacy, and ethics is working here. For any gregarious media platform, some reticent elements are highly active, and for the same reason, the entire platform gets perturbed. Facebook can track BOLO users’ whereabouts by utilizing their smart phone’s location data gathered through the Facebook app, or their IP address amassed through the company’s web page. Facebook only tracks BOLO list users when their threats are thinkable.

Facebook is watching “BOLO LIST” with utmost care, possible serious threats which refer to a proper location, timing, and the date. An ex-employee of Facebook shared this procedure. Sometimes, a BOLO user created a thread about a specific location; however their current location may differ from a specific one; the tracking would possibly end there. Further to add, if the BOLO user is close or in the nearby area, the information security team will still monitor their location periodically and keep alternative security teams on alert. Depending on the threat, Facebook’s security groups will take alternative actions, like stationing security guards, escorting a BOLO user off-campus or alerting enforcement.

The occupational safety and health administration’s general duty clause says that companies have to provide their employees with a workplace free of any risk or danger that could cause death or serious physical harm and in the interest of the employees and staff members, Facebook follow the same and in a unique way. Facebook is adopting a unique procedure which uses its product to mine data for threats and locations of potentially dangerous individuals. Since all primary or basic details are available with them, it is very easy for them to trace the locations. Sometimes, Facebook user are using unparliamentary or unethical words or action; then only for the safety purpose of employees, security guards may interrupt in the situation. In some cases, it is an eye-opener for users.

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