Cryptocurrencies Can Now Buy You Everything from Pizza to House

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Cryptocurrencies are now accepted all around the world and by many retailers. From the time digital currencies came into existence to the present times, its acceptance has significantly increased. The list of markets and sellers accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is growing bigger; presenting crypto enthusiasts with more choices for real-world purchases.

Bitcoins can now be used as a payment option, investment asset or even for trading. However, trading is subject to high risks, therefore, investors need to have a strong understanding and analysis of the crypto market. New auto trading software like Bitcoin ERA enables traders to invest and earn benefits from the cryptocurrency auto trading market. To know more about this credible platform it is always good to read through the Bitcoin ERA review on multiple websites.

Besides, there are jurisdictions that do not consider cryptocurrency as a legal tender, but there are some countries that are working on launching their own digital coins. Even technology giants like Facebook are working on developing their own payment systems and cryptocurrencies. Fast-food giants like Burger King accepts Bitcoin for its online orders in Germany.

Companies always keep improvising to better their customers’ experience, on the reason why they are warming up to this new digital system of payment. They are also implementing ways to enable fast and easy transaction of virtual currency. Starbucks is one of the businesses that has collaborated with Flexa, a U.S.-based payment startup that accepts cryptocurrency, to ease the process of digital payment. Flexa developed an app named Spedn; this enables crypto coin users to shop with merchants like Starbucks. The company’s CEO believes that if cryptocurrencies become mainstream, it will unfurl newer avenues for blockchain technology to realize its full potential.

In the United Kingdom, more than 50,000 takeaway fast-food corners now accept Bitcoins. OrderTakeaways is one such place that has been accepting Bitcoin payments for online orders since 2018. Some similar services in different parts of the world are a Korean platform Shuttledelivery and also a well-known German-based food delivery service Lieferando and its branches that are present in different other countries. Recently, Dominos launched a lucky draw contest for all their customers in France who order pizza online. Lucky customers stand a chance to win $110,000 in Bitcoin or EURO.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted in brick and mortar stores along with online ones. There are jewelry stores like Reeds Jewelers that accept virtual currency for a purchase above $25,000, both online and offline. It can also be used to buy gift cards and book tours and travels.

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