AAATrade Offers A Perfect Platform To Trade Seamlessly


Since 2013, AAATrade is one of the leading financial services firms, offering lucrative investment options to investors and institutions. It is one of the only investment firms worldwide offering its clients access to more than 60,000 Deliverable Assets including Equities, Bonds, Derivatives, ETFs etc. as well as access to more than 1,000 CFD Instruments on various asset classes including FX, Stocks, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies. The firm is fully licensed and is regulated by CySEC, which makes it one of the most reliable investment firms in the world.

A large number of Deliverable Assets and CFD Instruments AAATrade offers, allows investors to tap into unlimited opportunities, at any given moment. To ease up the things a bit, AAATrade offers different types of accounts to suit the needs of all kind of investors. Their commission-free Ready To Start account saves the lengthy calculations making it suitable for the beginners while their Experienced account is best for advanced traders allowing them to trade with tight spreads.  To help its new clients in getting to know the platform, the firm offers a free unlimited demo account, as well as a personal Account Manager.

One of the stellar features of AAATrade is its selection of powerful trading tools which help their clients to trade efficiently. The firm gives access to real-time market analysis and continuous market updates along with the live-market events, economic calendar, and trade analysis to its clients. To educate the new investors, AAATrade has an academy which includes webinars, e-books and video tutorials.

In order to make the trading experience seamless, the firm offers its financial services through the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform which provides a variety of trading tools and resources to its clients including built-in technical indicators, expert advisors, advanced charts and back-testing options. The firm offers web-based as well as mobile-based trading platforms too.

On top of all these, AAATrade is a liquidity provider, which means that the firm, is able to offer liquidity to other brokers, which is really a proof of their expertise and industry know-how.

As per the firm’s clients, the advisory services offered by AAATrade are uniquely tailored to cater to the needs of individuals or institutions. The diversified investment strategies offered by AAATrade are usually customized according to the clients’ personal needs and investment objective.

Looking at all the exceptional financial services that this firm offers its clients, we can say that the future of AAATrade looks gleam.

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