Purchase Bitcoins with Credit Card on the COINITIX

Purchase Bitcoins with Credit Card on the COINITIX

Buying Bitcoins has never been so easy. All you need is a credit card and a smart and secure cryptocurrency exchange to use it. Welcome to Coinitix, the crypto exchange platform that meets all the needs of buying Bitcoins with credit cards. Most critically, Coinitix provides unmatched security standards, so your credit card details are fully locked away on the exchange. 

There is also a host of cutting edge features of Coinitix that makes for fast usage, the most optimized exchange rates, and speedy payouts. The platform is a one-stop destination for all buyers wanting to add Bitcoins to their digital wallets with credit cards. 

Bitcoins, the first cryptocurrency introduced in the world, have been traditionally bought from the Bitcoin.com Wallet. Buyers can visit the site and follow the instructions on-screen. The identity of the purchaser is scrutinized and verified, and the Bitcoins are transferred to the wallet. Bitcoin Cash can be purchased from a peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform. For first-time buyers, this verification can be a long and time-consuming affair. 

However, it can be said without a hint of exaggeration that the easiest way to buy Bitcoins is on the Coinitix crypto exchange platform with your credit card. The process is fast, without any speed-breakers, and simple.          

Buying Bitcoins on Coinitix

There are a few straightforward steps to be followed for buying Bitcoins on the Coinitix cryptocurrency exchange platform.

  • Account opening on Coinitix – The first step is to open an account with Coinitix. A few particulars have to be entered along with a username and password. On-screen instructions will guide you through the process. 
  • Information about third parties – There is no hidden agenda of Coinitix, and everything is transparent and above board. When opening an account, you will be informed that the services on Coinitix are provided by trusted third parties with impeccable credentials and that the information given by you will be shared with them. 
  • Verification of information – All the information you entered will now be verified by Coinitix. This is a one-time step and might take some time. But once the details are registered, buying Bitcoins with your credit card is fast.
  • Account activation – After verification, the account is activated, and you can start buying Bitcoins on the site with your credit card. 

Not many sites offer this opportunity to buy Bitcoins with credit cards since the process entails purchasing virtual currency with fiat, regulated, and traditional currency.   

Important Features of Coinitix

Coinitix has several critical features placing it ahead of other crypto exchanges.

  • Quick Payouts – Coinitix is way ahead of other exchanges when it comes to payouts. Once the payment is made and confirmed with a credit card, the Bitcoins will be in your digital wallet in no time – no waiting, no time-lag.
  • Customer support 24×7 – Cryptocurrency trading occurs around the clock as it occurs in a virtual and digital environment, unlike brick-and-mortar fiat currency and stocks and bonds markets. To provide users with an uninterrupted hassle-free experience, Coinitix provides customer support 24×7. Customers can get instant support via email or online chat in a language of choice for a quick resolution to any issue. 
  • Low rate of commissions – Some of the perennial problems faced by customers of cryptocurrency exchanges are the high commissions and hidden fees charges. There is no such complaint on Coinitix as the commissions charged are among the lowest in the world. Generally, the commissions are calculated either on the 30-day trading volume or as a flat fee per trade. In high volume cases, this adds up to substantial sums. All fees on Coinitix, apart from being reasonable, are upfront, too, without any hidden charges. 
  • Regulated crypto platform – Cryptocurrencies are not regulated and do not fall under the statutory control of any Government or central bank. Hence, they are open to fraudulent use and crypto exchanges; therefore, they become open to manipulations by default. This is not the case with Coinitix as it is registered and licensed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Government of Estonia. Similarly, Xshop OU that powers and operates the Coinitix website, is also under the statutory control of the Estonia authorities. All trading thus is safe and secure under the laws of a country.

For a long time, balancing virtual and fiat currencies by crypto exchanges have been rare because of its complexity and need for cutting-edge technologies. But, Coinitix has made that possible without any difficulties as it is based on Blockchain technology. Buying Bitcoins with credit cards is now a breeze on Coinitix and is sure to give a great fillip to cryptocurrency trading.

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