Where Do I Store My Ontology Coins?

Where Do I Store My Ontology Coins

The value of the Ontology coin has grown since it was released. Find out how you can store your ONT safely using secure mobile wallets.


The Ontology (ONT) Coin was created in 2017 by experts named Erik Zhang, Jun Li, and Da HongFei of a Chinese company known as OnChain. Apart from Ontology, OnChain has also created another renowned blockchain platform called NEO MainNet. Ontology (ONT) Coin is an extremely high-level functioning, open-source blockchain technology-based digital token that concentrates on decentralized identity and data arena.

Ontology Wallet

An Ontology wallet protects user’s private and public levers as well as communicates with the blockchain. This wallet that holds the user’s said public lever and user’s wallet address is usually linked to the user’s Ontology bank number. At the same time, the said user’s private key functions as the code that will gain access to the user’s Ontology associated bank account, which in return is a public key that can be utilized to transmit currency from Ontology bank accounts.

The available Ontology wallets are of different types:

  • Online wallet – for e.g., Cyano
  • Software wallet – for e.g., Exodus
  • Mobile wallet – for e.g., ONTO
  • Full node wallet – for e.g., OWallet
  • Hardware wallets – e.g., Ledger

List of Best Ontology Wallets

There are many Ontology wallets in the market where one can easily open an account or register for ONT / ONG wallets to trade in ONT / ONG tokens, and they include:

Official Ontology wallets

  • Main ONTO
  • OWallet
  • Cyano (Chrome)

Other Ontology wallets

Anypay, AToken, Atomic Wallet, Banko Wallet, BitKeep, Buntoy, Clay, Cobo, Cloudwallet, Crypto.com, Exodus Wallet, Guarda Wallet, Huobi Wallet, Hyperpay, Infinito, Karathen, Ledger, Magnum, Math, Onion, Ownbit, O3, SEA, Zelcore and so on.

Ontology Coin Price Growth so far

Currently, the price is around USD 2 per coin. Earlier in 2018, the price of the ONT coin was between USD 6 to USD 7, but due to the Covid–19 pandemic, the ONT coin’s price hit bottom and fell to USD 1.80 in 2019. Then, slowly at the end of the year 2020, the price of the ONT coin again started going up and reached USD 2.2 at the start of the proof–of–stake year 2021. Industry experts and speculators have predicted that the Ontology coin will rise to USD 2.5 or USD 3.5 by December 2021. The Ontology coin price prediction shows that the coin will be between USD 5 and USD 7 in 2022 & 2023. Experts have predicted that the price will rise even further in the coming few years. According to the most popular Ontology coin price prediction by experts, ONT’s price is expected to range from USD 9 to USD 10 in the future because of technological advancements and developments that will take place in the virtual market space.  

Top Exchanges for Buying & Trading ONT Coin–ONT coin trading exchanges

The ONT Coin can be easily bought, sold, and exchanged on many crypto exchanges. These include-

Binance, BigOne, Bitcoin.com, Coinall, CoinEx, CoinOne, DigiFinex, Exmo, Gate.IO, Huboi (HBUS), HitBTC, GoBaba, Indodax, Koinex, MXC, OnTrade, TOKOK, Upbit, VinDAX, 55 GlobalMarkets, and so on.

ONG token trading exchanges

Biki, BigAsset, Bitz, BitMax, Coinone, CoinMex, Coinsbit, Exmo, ProBit Exchange, VCC Exchange, Upbit Indonesia.


The ONT Coin is the Ontology platform’s cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology and on the lines of NEO MainNet. TheONT Coin digital token is also devolved in nature and runs on the proof–of–stake concept. In the process of buying, selling, or trading ONT Coin, the Ontology Wallet plays a particularly important role as well. There are a lot of different types of Ontology Wallets in the market and these wallets act as a storage unit for ONT / ONG coins.

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