Trade99 Review 2020 – Is it Safe or a Scam? All The Pros & Cons Covered

 Trade99 Review 2020 – Is it Safe or a Scam? All The Pros & Cons Covered

Trade99 ( is an advantageous Crypto Currency broker with a lot to offer. Trade 99 provides users with a simple trading experience coupled with a stable web platform. By providing users with credible and stable commodities, traders get a lot. Most members have been satisfied with this broker and suggest it to other investors. And that’s why we’re doing this detailed review of TRADE99. Find out more.

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Trade99 Review

The reason we did this review is simple: inform users of Trade99. What is Trade99’s offer that encourages traders to register? A broker who is experiencing a rapid turnaround in withdrawals is worth signing up for. Trade99 deals with encrypted currency, Forex, and precious metals. With a solid reputation, we know that this broker deals honestly with traders. Besides a good customer base, Trade 99 has positive reviews.

After landing on their home page, there are some tantalizing details to see. Trade 99 offers great registration incentives; winning a car is one of them. Now, you don’t hear a lot of brokers offering cars to register, do you? With an easy to navigate home page, traders have an easy time with the platform. Another interesting fact with Trade99 is the quality of the security of its platform.

Trade99 has earned great fame for its customer support feature. Trade99 promises something or other to the customers of all kinds. You will find something useful whether you are a novice who is comparing opinions from the experts to see the suitability of the field for you, or you are an experienced professional who is well-versed in the business of trade. This platform offers you various account types. We will elaborate here the types of accounts according to your available funds.

Trade99 is an outstanding and first-rate online broker that offers an opportunity trade in various assets through its excellent platform. This company is operated by Nohelious International Marketing operations based in the Dominican Republic. A team of expert professionals who have developed a deep insight into the trade sector established the firm in 2019. Trade99 emerged with a vision to provide an unprecedented trade experience to its users. 

Benefits of Trading with Trade99

  • Leverage is a big plus.
  • Asked for crypto pairs
  • Types of market and limit orders are supported
  • Reduces market risk on a specific exposure thanks to hedging strategies

Types of the Trade99 Accounts:

Trade99 presents a variety of accounts to the users. They can make the right choice, keeping in view their risk-tolerance and trading expertise. Below are the types of trading accounts available at trade99

  • Supreme Account
  • Limitless Account
  • Absolute Account
  • Infinite Account
  • Eclat Account

The more you invest, the more chances of making a remarkable profit you will find. If you start from the basic account, you can anytime shift to the other account type to avail of the advantages of the exceptional services.

Supreme Account

Supreme account type is recommended for the novice users who have just entered this trading and investing sector. With this account type, you can drive on your own pace to develop a better understanding of the business ventures. The following services will be available to you under the Supreme Account

  • Trade99 presents you with a multitude of options for trading assets. You can get to choose from more than 190 tradable assets on trade99.
  • Trade99 has flourished in the crypto sector by dint of its exceptional customer support. It has touched this milestone by regarding the needs of its clients as a top priority. The Supreme account services keep you in the know by providing regular updates about market reviews daily. It also throws light on recent financial reports and analysis that makes it easier for the clients to take well-educated steps.
  • Trade99 strengthens the opinion of its customers by allowing them to attend online webinars, which enables the customers to be well aware of the latest developments and ups and downs of the trading spectrum. It offers webinars every fortnight.
  • As a novice in the trade, it’s never easy to keep an eye on the intricate flux of the market. But the vigilant services of the Trade99 never lets a beginner miss the wave! It keeps you very much in touch with the flow of the market tide by providing regular alerts, latest researches, reviews, analysis, and a lot more.

Limitless Account

Limitless Account is preferred to the users who actively take part in the trading world regularly. This account type encompasses all the services furnished by the Supreme account and extends the following facilities-

  • It offers the clients to choose out of more than 190 trading assets.
  • Trade99 provides its customers with a clear insight into the trading sector by backing them with detailed reviews, technical analysis, and, the latest financial researches. It enables them to make well-informed decisions.
  • Trade99 also offers invaluable service to the online webinar to keep you updated. It is offered twice a month.
  • The users get informed about the trading flow through regular alerts and event analysis.
  • Trade99 offers access to the MT5 platform to its Limitless account holders.
  • It also provides an opportunity to directly contact to account manager for any type of assistance or query.

Absolute Account

Trade99 presents its Absolute account to the customers who are keenly interested in making high volume investments. You can get access to multiple invaluable services under the Absolute Account.

  • Trade99 offers an exclusive one-on-one session with an experienced analyst to the Absolute Account holders. They can have uninterrupted and direct discussions about any issue or ask for quick assistance to accelerate your withdrawals. Thus, they can benefit from expert opinion.
  • On Trade99, more than 190 tradable assets are available for you.
  • Trade99 offers daily alerts about market reviews and critical analysis of financial reports to keep the client updated.
  • It also offers Access to MT5 Platform for the absolute account holders.
  • The account holder gets a chance to seek/have direct contact with the account manager regarding any kind of query.
  • The client enjoys the opportunity to attend online educational sessions twice in 30 days that sharpens his or her analytic abilities.
  • He gets the privileged expedited withdrawals too.
  • The user also gets to contact the account manager directly.
  • An exclusive introductory session with an expert is also arranged for the client.
  • He gets 24h Live Support from our experts.

Infinite Account

If you are a highly experienced investor who actively and regularly takes part in trading ventures, Infinite Account is for you. The client is entitled to enjoy all kinds of facilities the Infinite account has to offer. They include-

  • The client gets access to more than 190 tradable assets. 
  • It educates and supports the opinion of its users by regularly providing updated market reviews and financial research and latest studies, so they make well-informed decisions.
  • The client enjoys an informative webinar twice 30 days.
  • The client stays well in the light with regular updates on event analysis and trading alerts and market trends.
  • Trade99 has provided access to the MT5 Platform to the infinite account holders.
  • The client gets an opportunity for direct interaction with the account manager.
  • The client also has a chance for an exclusive introductory session with a skilled analyst.
  • He is given access to an educational program every seven days.
  • The client enjoys accelerated withdrawals.
  • The infinite account holder has the privilege to enjoy cryptocurrency leveraged contracts.
  • The trade room access is allowed to only infinite account holders.
  • Only infinite account holders are invited to VIP programs and business events.
  • He will be given VIP trading support.
  • He will be able to get the benefit of private sessions also including Exclusive updates.

Eclat Account

Trade99’s Eclat Account is used by the most experienced and active traders and investors. You can reap the maximum benefit of trade99 services from Eclat Account. Get the advantage to access to various priceless services, under the Eclat Account.

  • It grants the client to choose-out from 190 tradable assets on trade99.
  • Trade99 provides daily market reviews and critical analysis of financial reports to keep the client updated.
  • It will allow the client to access to MT5 platform under the Eclat Account.
  • The account holders are given the advantage to enjoy the opportunity to attend online educational sessions along with webinars once in a month that sharpens his or her analytic abilities.
  • Under this account, you will get daily Recommendations from our experts
  • Trade99 offers 24h Live Support from their expert to the Eclat account holder.
  • He will also get the VIP Trading Support.
  • It offers the benefit of private sessions, including Exclusive updates.
  • It offers policies to introduce a program named “Luxury Loyalty Store Gift” to its Eclat account holders.
  • It Spreads up to 5% lower
  • Only Eclat account holders are invited to VIP Events and business events. 

Here is your guide to the Trade99 account types. Take the right pick according to your financial capacity. Increase the volume of the trade, climb the ladder, and off you go on the wheels of Trade99 support!

The unique status of the firm stands on the pillars of its unprecedented customer support and smooth trading experience. First-rate and excellent technology tools enable investors to assess market activity and hit the right predictions. It also allows them to make a good profit in a very short while.


Minimum Initial Deposit$300
Demo AccountNo
Asset CoverageForex and CFDs




  • Protected transactions
  • Impressive customer service
  • Strict compliance with KYS and AML norms.
  • High spreads


In spite of being an offshore company, Trad99 has been awarded a status of “A-Category” member of the Financial Commission. The membership renders several advantages to the clients. It brings security worth 20,000 Euros on each complaint. Financial Commission intervenes as a mediator where an issue stands unresolved between two parties. The controlling company is empowered to resolve the conflict smoothly and quickly. This company has gained favorable light from Financial Commission in a very short duration; it now stands with the few firms having the membership of the Financial Commission. It rigorously follows the KYC and AML codes to counter and block any illegal agencies from entering the platform.

Is Trade99 Licensed Or Registered?

Trade99 holds a valid license from the Dominican Republic, which has been validated. We must verify with the regulatory body that Trade99 IS LICENSED. Operating with a valid license means that we are dealing with a trusted broker. They have passed all the tests required to hold a valid business license. Dealing with Trade 99 means that we are getting the most out of Forex trading. Regulators are happy with the way Trade 99 does its Forex trading.

Users can easily confirm their credentials with the Dominique Regulatory Commission. With proper certification, this means that investors are well covered. If you would like to see one, simply call a representative for confirmation. Dealing with a proven broker is worth every penny. Trade99 is a real platform!

By registering with highly recommended and industry recommended brokers, transactions are secure. Get into the habit of signing up with credible and stable brokers. Register with brokers with a proven trading pedigree. Get Forex brokers who have years of trading experience with each other. Do the right thing today and sign up with effective and efficient Forex brokers. What are you waiting for?

Account Funding

Trade99 is serious about protecting the way accounts are funded. And that’s why they partnered with known custodian bank partners to do it. Users can deposit funds using various channels such as MasterCard and Visa. Make sure to sign up with a broker who offers a secure deposit channel. Trade 99 guarantees users an easy and fast deposit experience. Doing business with such brokers is what makes trading safe and exciting.

Withdrawing funds is as simple as depositing funds. We should all turn to a rapid withdrawal process. Having a quick withdrawal model means that the broker is real. Withdrawing funds with this broker depends on the withdrawal channel chosen by the users. Most withdrawals take place within 24 hours, which is an acceptable industry schedule. Users should ensure that all details match the investor’s name and account number. By reading their deposit and withdrawal page, users will learn more.

Security and Privacy

Trade99 uses certified technology and authentic tools to provide you a platform safe for all kinds of trading activities. It does not disclose or leak any personal data of the clients used while making transactions.

The sign-up process needs primary data like name, date of birth, Email ID, and contact number. It also requires authentic identity and the proof of residence that must be government-verified. After completing the sign-up, the account is activated, and you can start making transactions. The deposit and withdrawals come on the trading account balance.

Education- The education material is not limited to the particular account holders on Trade99. It provides sufficient informative content to all kinds of users. This material gives tips to the novice traders on how to make the right moves to earn good profit. There is a section on the site allotted to pdf, webinars, e-books, articles and other informative material for the clients. It gives a boost to their learning and improves their prediction of the market trends. Some articles illuminate the traders about leveraged trading. Though the traders and investors must not jump to it and heed the warning because leverage trading is a tricky thing. If it entails massive gains, it also causes enormous losses as well.

Commission and Fees

Trade99 charges the customers for its services, deposits, and withdrawals. The costs are reasonable, but the spreads are comparatively high. Different kinds of payment options are available on Trade99 like Bank wire transfer, Visa/Master Debit/Credit card, Bitcoin. The bad news is that the popular payment systems, including Skrill and Neteller, are not available on the platform.

Financial tools

Trade99 offers to trade in more than 190 tradable assets, including indices, precious metals, commodities, crypto coins, and more. The long lists of tradable assets give this company an individual status. An investor is offered a varied range of financial tools, and he may choose for trading whatever he needs or wants to.

Customer support

Trade99 provides an impressive customer service that is responsive 24/7. The users can reach support through Email, live chat, or social media. The website offers an FAQ category that helps traders in resolving common issues that crop up frequently.

In times of uncertainty and doubts, with the sudden fluctuation of the market trends, you can trust only a well-reputed company to make a good profit. Trade99 provides all the necessary trading tools to improve the chances of success of the traders and refine their analytic ability to improve predictions of the market trends and moves.

The outstanding customer service, user-friendly trading platform, and various account types grant it a distinguished place among all its rivals and competitors. Trade99 is established on the pillars of the exceptional quality of its impressive services and it has earned a great name in a very short time. 

Is the Funds Safe with Trade 99?

Regulators ensure that they give a trading license to a responsible broker. With SSL encryption, funds are kept secure, and Trade 99 follows all defined rules. The funds are also insured by this broker which is a huge relief for anyone who signs up.

Is Trade99 a Legend Or A Scam?

Trade99 is a proven and legitimate broker, well prepared for any eventuality.

We recommend traders to register with brokers who have been regulated by known regulatory bodies. Now is the time to make money the right way, with the industry

We wish all of our readers a profitable and secure trading experience!

Trade99: Conclusion

Trade99 can be regarded as an excellent cryptocurrency platform that provides a smooth trading experience with the latest tools and advanced technology. You can’t test the waters by standing afar from the sea and just by looking at it. So, don’t trust the words, feel free to make an account at Trade99 and see for yourself!




User Experience


Payment Options









  • Protected transactions.
  • Impressive customer service.
  • Strict compliance with KYS and AML norms.


  • High spreads.
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